VISA information

Regarding new entry of foreign nationals into Japan, based on the New Border Measures dated on September 26, 2022, prescribed applications in the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up Systems (ERFS) is no longer required. In addition, the measure to limit the entry of foreign tourists to those on package tours was lifted.
Furthermore, visa exemption arrangements will be resumed. Please refer to Suspension of visa exemption measures for more details.

*Only for in-person participants who are nationals of countries requiring visas.

  1. The IHMC organizing committee is a receiving organization for all onsite attendees from foreign countries.
  2. IHMC will take care of the necessary procedures on the part of the organizer for onsite attendees to obtain visa to enter Japan.
    Therefore, IHMC will collect several personal information from the onsite attendees such as name, nationality, gender, date of birth, address, phone number, passport number and itinerary etc. which are required to complete the documents.
  3. Once the documents for individuals is completed, it will be sent to each onsite attendee.
  4. When you receive the documents, please submit them to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your area of residence along with any other documents prepared by the applicant. After the application has been successfully accepted, the visa would be issued. The visa should be received by the applicant or his / her representative and is needed upon applying for landing permission. When applying, please follow the rules of each place of residence.
  5. Valid period of the visa is 90 days.
  6. The registration to the congress and flight booking should be completed before getting a visa.
  7. From September 7, 2022, a COVID-19 negative certificate within 72 hours prior to departure will no longer be required for those who have received three doses of specified vaccines.

Website for the details of the visa application,

Website for the details of the border and quarantine measures,