General Information

General Information

Registration Categories

The congress will be held in a hybrid manner. You select an in-person or online attendee at the time of registration. Registrations for in-person attendees are all-inclusive and cover registration and three lunches at the venue during the congress.
We will send the permission to participate in the congress to online attendees via email.

Registration Periods

For in-person attendees, early-bird registration is accepted until August 31, 2022. Late registration will be accepted until September 30, 2022.
For online attendees, early-bird registration is accepted until August 31, 2022. Late registration will be accepted until October 7, 2022.
Registrations after the deadline will be no longer accepted.

Registration Prices

Academic prices apply to all postdocs, principal investigators/lab heads, and staff scientists working in academic, government, or nonprofit research organizations. Student prices apply to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students who are currently enrolled and have not yet received a terminal degree (PhD, MD, etc.). Industry prices apply to all other scientists and persons working in the private sectors including journalists, science writers, scientific editors, and other individuals.
Registration fees include three lunches for all in-person registrants. Please note all special meal requirements on your registration form.
Travel and ground transportation costs are not covered by the registration fees.

Early Registration fees (until August 31)

Academic in-person¥80,000
Student in-person¥45,000
Industry in-person¥110,000
Academic online¥72,000
Student online¥37,000
Industry online¥102,000

Late Registration fees (from September 1 to 30th for in-person attendees, and to October 7 for online attendees)

Academic in-perso¥100,000
Student in-person¥65,000
Industry in-person¥137,000
Academic online¥90,000
Student online¥55,000
Industry online¥130,000

Enjoyable Dinner

We will hold a dinner party on the penultimate day of the meeting (November 9) to have all the on-site participants enjoy Japanese cuisines and culture. Attendees who select “dinner” at the time of registration can participate in the dinner by an on-site payment of 10,000 yen at the venue.

Abstract Submission

Although abstract submission is not required to attend the meeting, all attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts. You must register for participation before submitting an abstract. Once your registration is complete, you will receive abstract and poster submission instructions from the organizer via email. The abstraction submission deadline is different from the registration deadline.

Abstract submission deadline: August 15, 2022

After a deadline has passed, the scientific board reads through all abstracts, makes decisions about abstracts with the note of ‘poster or oral’ selected for oral or poster presentations and finalizes the scientific program. Selected abstracts (Excellent Abstract Award, also see below) will be informed as oral presentations to author(s) via email. Abstracts submitted after the deadline may be possible consideration as poster presentations only, if the abstract submission is not oversubscribed. Abstracts must be no more than one A4 size page in Microsoft Word format and must include title, authors, affiliations, and a main text (e.g., introduction, results, discussion, and conclusion) without figure and table.

Program Information

The organizer finalizes a scientific program (all sessions and speakers) after an abstract submission deadline, at which point you will be notified by email whether your abstract was selected for an oral or poster presentation. A list of all presenters (only first authors) and titles is then posted on the website prior to the start of the congress. The index of all registrants and the program will also be available from the website prior to the start of the congress.


Awards are offered to registered participants in the IHMC 2022 Kobe Congress. The organizer provides the following awards for eligibility criteria and necessary document for each award.

  1. Excellent Abstract Award: EAAs are offered to the in-person attendees whose abstracts are selected to oral presentations (18 min including QA) as mentioned above.
  2. Young Excellent Abstract Award: YEAAs are offered to the in-person attendees of undergraduate, graduate, and medical students who are currently enrolled and have not yet received a terminal degree (PhD, MD, etc.) as of November 10, 2022. Abstracts of the awardees are selected to short oral presentations (12 min including QA). Applicants must submit an abstract together with the copy of the student ID with your photo.
  3. Corundum System Biology Award: Corundum System Biology Inc ( offers the CSB-IHMC award for the microbiome-based research and development that contributes to the improvement of human well-beings in the future to the all in-person registrants. The proposal must include research introduction with preliminary data.
    • * Background
    • * Aim/Scope of research
    • * Method
    • * Expected Outcome
    • * Current Research Status
    The application must be no more than one A4 size page in Microsoft Word format, excluding necessary figures and tables. The submission deadline is August 15, 2022. Proposals with your registration ID must be sent to The proposal will be reviewed by the IHMC and CSB members to select the excellent proposals. The excellent proposal will be offered 10,000 US dollars from Corundum Systems Biology, Inc.

Media Reporting

Anyone intending to report on researches presented at the congress must obtain permission from the presenter(s) before communicating results or relevant discussion to medias, third party groups, blogs, or other online resources.


Full payment is required at the time of registration. We accept card payments in Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and wire transfers as well. Be sure to include your name for payments. All bank charges associated with payment are the responsibility of the registrant.


Receipts and confirmations for all payments are sent via email at the time of processing. Please also check your spam folders just in case if you do not receive a receipt.

Conversion of Registration Categories

The following conversions are accepted for all early-bird registrants. Please contact the congress organizer ( as soon as possible if you must change your registration category.

  • ✔ No charge – Conversions by August 31, 2022 (Japan time).
  • ✔¥8,000 – Conversion from in-person to online registration between September 1 and October 7.
  • ✔ ¥8,000 – Conversion from online to in-person registration between September 1 and October 7.
  • ✔No acceptance for conversions after October 8.

Cancelation Fees

The following cancellation fees will apply:

  • ✔ No charge – Cancelation by August 31, 2022 (Japan time).
  • ✔ 15% of the registration price – Cancelation between September 1 and September 12
  • ✔ 25% of the registration price – Cancelation between September 13 and September 26
  • ✔ 50% of the registration price – Cancelation between September 27 and October 17
  • ✔ No refund – Cancelation after October 18, 2022

A full refund will be issued if you have difficulty obtaining a Japan visa in time and we are aware of that difficulty, so please notify us in advance of any potential visa issues.


Although the pandemic of COVID-19 tends to currently decrease in the world including Japan, some regulations are still required for entry to Japan. The information will be updated at the website ( of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.